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Many millions of pounds are invested in the design and development of the physical assets of your building but often the investment in the human factor for encouraging repeat customer business is one that has a critical effect on repeat or increased footfall for your business. Poorly trained or motivated staff working with little customer awareness and its importance can actively discourage customers from returning. The ECSS team are the human interface between the physical asset and the public. ECSS has undertaken an initiative to satisfy this training need, with a view to enhancing levels of customer care at all locations we work within.

The training is based on a comprehensive set of performance standards covering all aspects of the customer relations.

Eyes open - Our teams are a highly visible asset to the building therefore it should be an automatic assumption that any customers or staff members entering your building requiring directions or in need of a simple question answered, they would be able to approach any of our team members without hesitation. In our studies we have found that customers spend a lot of time circulating trying to find something specific rather than approach a member of the ECSS team. We will train and encourage our team members to gently approach a customer or member of staff to ask if they require assistance and then direct them or take them to the required area or answer the question.

Customer aware - If a customer or member of staff is struggling or distressed our team members are advised to approach the person in a gentle polite manner, and then direct or assist the person to resolve the problem.

These are just two simple examples of our training programme for customer care within our contracts.

ECSS are here to help make your experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible. To this end, we will provide a be-spoke training programme which is sector specialised customer for our teams. At the start of the contract ECSS commit to undertaking a full training session with each team member to ensure the correct approach to customer care is followed at all times.

In line with our customer care approach ECSS would like to suggest the use of “I am here to help?” badges to encourage interaction between our team members and the staff or customers of your establishment.


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